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Image by Ales Nesetril

iN Digital Domain


A trendy e-commerce website that struck a chord with plant lovers. Its highly effective UI and UX design with dynamic filters helped the would-be plant parent navigate through the website with ease and place an order.

A dynamic website that resonated with the youth, triggering them to voice their opinion in various communities on social media platforms. This user-generated content helped drive traffic back to the portal and deliver information about the products subtly.


The official Gangasagar website is a one-of-a-kind website created for one of the biggest religious events in India. A lifeline for pilgrims across the world, the website provides information about tide timings, how to reach, accommodation facilities, places to visit, et cetera. Complete with digital interventions, the portal offers the devotees the opportunity to participate in puja online and get prasad from anywhere, India and abroad.

The portal is a window to the rest of the world, giving a sneak peek into the sheer body of work by the master’s contribution to Indian cinema and literature and the world at large. Also, the website is a nexus for various National and International events related to Ray that are happening across the globe.

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The website of South 24 Parganas is a network with a clear vision of the administration's mission. It provides various information about the district's distinct outreach programs, schemes, and notices of e-governance services.

A notable initiative portal that provides scholarships and financial assistance to students from the minority strata of society. A gateway to fulfilling dreams, this website caters to information about seminars, webinars, scholarships, university openings, and many more.  

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